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California Center For Earthquake Engineering


California has no modern experience with the effects of a direct major earthquake strike on one of its urban centers. Research is necessary to increase effectiveness of prevention and decrease state losses in the next major earthquake.

* Clearly articulate the issue in layman's terms. Make sure you tailor your message to address one issue at a time.

Proposed Solution:

Establishment of the California Center for Earthquake Engineering. The Center will be established by a consortium of California universities that are members of the California Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (CUREe).

* Make the legislator's job easier by proposing a solution that the legislator can use as a starting point.


To understand where in the urban environment the greatest losses are likely to occur, and to develop engineering and public policy strategies that will achieve significant reductions in these losses.

Development and employment of a performance-based engineering model for the built environment. Model will include elements of the hazard representation; modeling and analysis; evaluation and design; innovative systems development; systems risk and reliability assessment; and urban planning and policy.

* Describe the solution in a brief format. Do not digress into excessive background; the legislator will not read it. Leave the supporting materials behind with the staff.

The Center's information and findings will be disseminated into the educational and community activities of the Center's participating faculty. The Center also anticipates to include a K-12 program.

The Center will seek industrial partners to contribute financially and intellectually while aiding the Center in releasing its information and implementing its findings. The Center's primary governmental liaison will also communicate between the Center and governmental agencies who need to and can implement the research findings.

Requested Action:

Support SB 1864 (Alquist) which would revise the provision relating to the Seismic Safety Commission (SSC) to establish a Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, and instead require the University of California (UC) to establish the Center on or after July 1, 1996.

* It is crucial that your request is specific as to what action you are ultimately asking the legislator to take.


The UC campuses of Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, and San Diego; the California Institute of Technology; Stanford, and University of Southern California.

* Include who specifically is in support (and opposition if applicable) and why.


Center will put California in the driver's seat regarding seismic damage prevention research and encourages safety to decrease the state's losses in the next major earthquake.



· Take advantage of bullets and spacing to break apart the main points for easy reading.
· Sheet should be left behind for the use of the legislator and his/her staff; do not rely on their memory.
· Use this sheet as a guide for your talking points during the meeting, to ensure you stay on target and make the most of the time you are given; it will likely be 10 minutes or less.



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